Every moment has meaning–you’ll see that sentence a lot in my writing. I grew up believing the meaning in my life was something I could learn in eternity (if then) but that I could not understand here and now. Meaning now was for people part of God’s great plan of salvation, like Moses or the Virgin Mary. Except, of course, my morality. My ability to stay on the straight and narrow was the one way I thought God’s presence could manifest in my life.

Then I had some deeply spiritual experiences on the trail near my house. I processed them through writing and discovered how to write to find my meaning. I left organized religion to find my own way, following my heart to the connections to myself, others, and the world around me. One of the tools that helped me most was writing. 

Today, I’m an everyday mystic, finding divine connections everywhere in my surroundings. I’m a word apothecary, writing to heal myself and others with language that honors and highlights those connections.

I have the honor of living in the beautiful state of Alaska with my boyfriend, Sean, and my dog, Orion. My home is on the trails of the Chugach Mountain foothills with the rest of my family: the streams, the trees, the ferns, the lichen, the creeping dogwood, the cranberries. I’m grateful to the Dena’ina people for their ongoing spiritual stewardship of the land.

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Amy Farnham

Former evangelical Christian. Former Republican. Former cog in a corporate machine. Uncovering new truths in my surroundings and writing healing for myself and others.